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Regenerator baterie


The desulfator is device for batteries desulphation. Prevents and eliminates the sulfation of batteries after several  charging and discharging or disuse for long periods. Sulfation is an insulating barrier to current flow consists of crystals of lead sulfate (PbS04) that are deposited continuously on the plates by taking sulfur molecules by the electrolyte weakening. This irreversible process results in the impossibility of the battery to pack and deliver energy, leading over time destroy the cells. The device can be attached to any type of lead acid battery containing acid luquido acid, Gel or AGM recombination oxygen. The desulfator can disconnect and then clean the battery plates emitting frequency of breakage of lead sulphate crystals dissolving in the electrolyte solution battery. Eliminating this effect the batteries will be subject to load faster and efficient, increasing considerably the life of them.The device starts its action when the voltage on the battery connected is greater than 12.8 V and is automatically disabled as soon as the voltage drops below 12.6 V to avoid self-discharge of the battery.

To use simply connect to the battery (taking care to respect the polarities: black cable to negative, red wire to positive).

Use the unit after long periods of inactivity and disconnect the battery after a few refills.

Suitable for batteries up to 300Ah 12V lead acid type / gel / agm.

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