Producător: Ecosolaris
Cod produs: ECO-TRK30PV
Disponibilitate: Pre-comanda
38.456,23 RON
Fără TVA: 32.316,16 RON

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Tracker solar un ax 30-36 Panouri fotovoltaice

General group of features included in product:Single-Axis in Line
Number of motion axis:1-axis
Astronimic tracking algorithm:Yes, precision of 0,5 degrees ( 0,1 **** )
CPV usage (concentrated PV usage):Yes, all types including round parabolic, but mainly attended for 15 flat solar panels
Real time clock & date with bck. batt.:Yes, included
USB or RS485 interface to PC:Yes, included
Type of networking communication:Yes, included
Type of application program for supervision and setting:Yes, included
Setting via PC:Yes, included
Monitoring via PC:Yes, included
Upgrading via PC:Yes, included
Controling & driving via PC:Yes, included
Expected life time:800-1000h of motor operation (DC motor replace on 7-10 years if each day one cycle), all other 25 years
Dimensiuni pachet: 0.6x10.5x0.3m, 1050 kg

100˚, software and hardware limit 50°E to 50°W; Elevation angle horizontal in-line tracker

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